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Daily Archives: July 4, 2014

Did You Work This 4th of July? For Many Americans, The Answer is Yes

Friday marked the country’s 238 birthday, but for many Americans around the country it was just another day at work. While police, doctors and other emergency workers have always worked the holiday, a growing number of Americans in all sorts … Read More

Bill Moyers’ 4th of July Message to Tea Party: Asking What the Founding Fathers Would Do is Fundamentalism, Not Democracy

Bill Moyers and Company have a message for the Tea Party this 4th of July – claiming to ‘know’ the wishes of the Founding Fathers does not make you a better leader, it just makes you a fundamentalist. The Tea … Read More

Cult of Outrage: The #-Word, Phony Sensitivity is Confusing and Insulting

In the Cult of Outrage, it seems as if every group out there wants to have its own “word” that they can demand be banned. It’s as if by no longer speaking the offensive word, somehow the societal wrong will … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Anthony Cumia and Violence Against Photographers in Public

My friend Brian* was in Atlanta for business with time to kill, so he was walking around near Midtown and taking pictures with his cell phone. At one point a woman yelled at him for taking pictures of her – … Read More

Republican Candidate Pulls a Romney: ‘Half the Population’ Happy Living Off of Someone Else

A Colorado candidate for governor raised some eyebrows as he channeled Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent speech, saying that half of the country is living off the other half of the country. “I see something that frankly doesn’t surprise me, … Read More

Cop Caught on Video Viciously Hitting Woman in the Face, Says He Was Protecting Her

California Highway Patrol is investigating an officer caught on a cell phone recording assaulting a woman on the side of a highway. On Tuesday, the cop was recorded punching the woman in the face as while she was on the … Read More

Joan Rivers’ Vile Rant: Obama is Gay, Michelle is a ‘Tranny’

Joan Rivers is not one to avoid controversy and when a man began to ask her questions as she was getting out of her car, she was more than happy to speak her mind. The man asks her, “Ms. Rivers, … Read More

Cut Them Off and Send Them Home! Ingraham Proposes Immigration Reform Plan Even Bill O’ Reilly Thinks is Nuts

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham has a fool-proof plan to ‘solve’ America’s immigration woes – simply make immigrants so miserable most will want to leave on their own and deport the rest en masse. “First thing you do is starting … Read More