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Daily Archives: July 7, 2014

Offensive Parade Float Depicts Obama Presidential Library as Outhouse

A Fourth of July parade float depicting the Obama Presidential Library as an outhouse has caused some controversy in Norfolk, Nebraska. The float, which was on the back of a blue pickup truck, shows a man dressed in overalls standing … Read More

Before Fracking, Oklahoma Had 1 Earthquake Per Year. This Year, They Have Already Had 230.

A new study published in Science magazine found that hydrofracking has directly led to a massive spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma. According to the study, Oklahoma saw almost no seismic activity, averaging just one earthquake with a magnitude of 3.0 … Read More

Speaker John Boehner Responds to Obama’s “So Sue Me” with “We Must”

The state of politics in America is almost always seen as terrible, no more so now than in years before. However, we have certainly reached a new low when Speaker John Boehner actually threatened to sue the President for overstepping … Read More

Using the N-Word to Make a Point? NY Paper Under Attack for Headline Using Racial Slur to Describe Obama

A New York City community paper is under attack after it ran an op-ed calling President Barack Obama the ‘n-word.’ The West View News has a readership of around 20,000 monthly, many who were up in arms about the July edition. … Read More

Obamacare “War Room” Working Overtime in Advance of Likely September Insurance Premium Increase

After the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, the program seems to have found its footing and the tide of “horror stories” has abated. Yet, with open enrollment in the program closed now for four months the … Read More

Open Carry Activists Hold 4th of July Rally in Virginia, Only 2 People Show

An open carry rally held on the 4th of July fizzled after gun activists failed to show. Two lone activists walked around Carytown, Virginia on Friday passing out fliers and carrying an American flag. For the most part, the demonstration … Read More

Get ‘Em While You Can! GOP Selling ‘I Miss W’ T-Shirts in Honor of Bush’s Birthday

In honor of George W. Bush’s 68th birthday, the GOP is selling t-shirts whining and wishing Dubya was back in office. The shirts, which are being sold for $27, went on sale over the weekend and read “I Miss W” alongside … Read More