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Daily Archives: July 8, 2014

Cult of Outrage: The Low Bar of Offense

Don Lemon continues to make me eat my words when it comes to the Cult of Outrage. Yesterday, a story in a newspaper in the West Village of New York made national headlines because of its controversial title. While it … Read More

The Troubling Dichotomy of Corporate Censorship

At the end of the 1960s, Nicholas Johnson wrote extensively about the idea of Corporate Censorship, first for TV Guide and then an expanded version in a book, addressing a problem almost a half-century ago that is still very much … Read More

Anti-Environmentalists Troll Climate Change Activists by Putting Smokestacks on Cars, Blowing Soot and Emissions

Anti-environmentalists are spending thousands of dollars to reconfigure their pickup trucks to blow black smoke and emissions in a protest they’ve called “rolling coal” in an effort to, well, troll climate change activists. The group reconfigures their cars, often spending … Read More

Star High School Athletes Violently Sexually Assaulted Girl After Prom, Won’t Face Rape Charges

Three star athletes at a Georgia high school have surrendered to the police after allegedly brutally sexually assaulting a girl after their senior prom. Police have arrested Fields Chapman, Andrew Haynes, and Avery Johnson, all 18 years old, after they … Read More

Ted Cruz Blames Obama for Kids Arriving at US Border ‘Raped and Maimed’, Wants to Send Them Back Anyhow

In a Monday radio interview, Republican Senator Ted Cruz made it clear that there is only one person to blame for the influx of migrant children arriving at the U.S. borders – President Barack Obama. “It is a crisis of … Read More

Cop-Turned-Demonologist Says Possessions Are on the Rise

A New York City police officer-turned-demonologist who is the inspiration for the new film Deliver Us From Evil, told The Blaze that possessions are on the rise. “It’s definitely on the rise,” former sergeant Ralph Sarchie told The Blaze. “I … Read More