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Daily Archives: July 9, 2014

Columnist: ‘Thank God For Men on The Supreme Court’ Who Are ‘Sticking Up’ For Women

Ruth Institute President Jennifer Roback Morse has penned a new column for the Christian Post, thanking God for the men on the Supreme Court who are “sticking up for ‘everywoman’ against the Elite Women.” Morse believes that because Justices Sonia … Read More

Klayman Compares American Jews to Adolf Hitler, Says Obama is an Anti-Semite

Censured DC lawyer Larry Klayman may have been born to Jewish parents and claims to be a Messianic Jew, but that does not make his 4th of July editorial in WorldNetDaily any less offensive. While Klayman has himself distanced himself … Read More

Glenn Beck Getting “Violent” E-mails After Announcing His Plan to Send Food, Toys to Migrant Children

The thousands of undocumented immigrant children caught up in this most recent immigration crisis have found an unlikely ally: Glenn Beck. In a video from The Blaze, Beck talks about how while the politics of the situation are important, they … Read More

Gohmert Proposes Sending US Troops to Mexico to Stop Influx of Migrant Kids

This week, Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert proposed a novel idea to stopping the influx of migrant kids mostly from  El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – send U.S. troops into Mexico. During an interview with radio host Dan Maduri, Gohmert suggested that … Read More

Sarah Palin Compares America to a “Battered Wife” in Column Urging Impeachment

Sarah Palin just won’t go away. The woman who (arguably) single-handedly sunk John McCain’s Straight Talk Express has taken to Breitbart.com to call for the impeachment of the President she – from a certain point-of-view – helped to elect. “It’s … Read More

Kentucky GOPer: ‘Mars and Earth are Exactly the Same Temp, So Climate Change Must Be a Lie’

A Kentucky state lawmaker offered a head-scratching reason why climate change must be a hoax. Mars, he said, is exactly the same temperature as the earth, so climate change can’t exist. “I won’t get into the debate about climate change,” … Read More

Murrieta Protesters: Migrants Turning America into ‘Third World Country’

Murrieta protesters are digging in and have vowed to fight the nation’s newest invaders – migrant children arriving at the border. Unfazed by the fact that no buses showed on 4th of July, the group has declared that they will … Read More

Fox News ‘Girls Gone Mild’ Segment Reminds Women: ‘Don’t Talk Too Much,’ Men Don’t Like That

A Fox & Friends segment on Monday reminded women that they shouldn’t talk too much, and gave some other “helpful advice” for women who want to be “successful.” The segment featured Executive Presence author Sylvia Ann Hewlett who advises women … Read More