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Daily Archives: July 10, 2014

Are Republicans Finally Admitting They Like Obamacare?

Republicans have been moaning about Obamacare for a long time now, claiming it is a responsible for the killing of unborn children and even comparing it to Islamic Sharia law.  Now, a new poll suggests Obamacare may not be all … Read More

Shocking Stat: 2 in 5 Colleges Simply Ignoring Sexual Assaults

A survey commissioned by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has found that 41 percent of universities haven’t investigated a single sexual assault allegation in the last five years. This Senate-commissioned study comes on the heels of another study showing that close … Read More

Ex-Georgia GOP Aide Sues, Claims She Was Called a ‘House N*gger’

A former aide to the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party has filed a lawsuit accusing another GOP official of calling her a “house n*gger” as part of a long pattern of disrespect. On Tuesday, Qiana Keith filed her lawsuit, … Read More

‘She Doesn’t Look Like Any Black Woman I Know’: Alex Jones Calls Michelle Obama ‘The First Tranny’

Alex Jones has never seen a conspiracy theory he didn’t like but this one might be a new low. On his radio show, Jones implored listeners to consider whether there might be some truth to Joan Rivers’ recent comment calling … Read More

Newly Released Tapes: Nixon Says Homosexuals Are “Born That Way”

It seems that Lady Gaga and Richard Nixon have more in common than was previously thought. Historians Douglas Brinkley (most famously Hunter S. Thompson’s biographer and steward of his literary archives) and Luke A. Nichter have pored over 3,700 hours … Read More

Todd Akin Rescinds “Legitimate Rape” Apology in New Book

Why Todd Akin was able to get a book deal remains the greatest mystery surrounding the new book by the former Senate candidate who became infamous for saying pregnancy after “legitimate rape” is “rare.” While he apologized for the comment … Read More

Texas Pastor: Jesus Might Love the Little Children, But He Wants a Border Fence Too

Pastor Robert Jeffress is no fan of Barack Obama. In fact, he has accused the White House’s current occupant of ushering in the age of the Antichrist. Still, he seemed a bit perplexed about why Obama did not invite him … Read More

Hobby Lobby Supporter: My Gun and My Bible Represent America’s Founding Principles

A Hobby Lobby supporter wielding an assault rifle and a Bible sparked internet controversy after people pointed out the similarity of her picture to photos by infamous female terrorist, the ‘White Widow’. Now, West Virginia mom Holly Fischer is defending … Read More

GOP Rep: Next Republican Nominee, President Will Be… Mitt Romney?

Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz told MSNBC’s Hardball that Mitt Romney will run for president and he’s going to win, no matter what other Republicans or even Romney himself have to say to the contrary. Chaffetz, a fellow Utah Mormon, … Read More