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Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

School’s ‘Tea Party’ History Book Teaches Kids That Whites Envied the ‘Freedom of Slaves’

Americans United for Separation of Church and State are slamming one of Arizona’s oldest public charter schools for using textbooks that “actively promote religious interpretations of American history.” The group claims that Heritage Academy uses two books by controversial author … Read More

VIDEO: ‘The Economy is Rigged’: John Oliver Slams Americans’ False Optimism in the Face of Growing Inequality

In a segment on his HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver put the spotlight of inequality on average Americans, noting that most citizens accept the broken system because they think they too will somehow get rich someday. “Our main … Read More

Who is Really Guilty of Terroristic Threats? A Bored Teenager or an Open Carry Activist Who Jokes About Obama’s Assassination?

A 13-year-old Texas girl is in big trouble after she used Facebook and texts to threaten to take out her entire town. The girl, whose name has not been released, was staying with relatives in Splendora, Texas.  According to cops, … Read More

Bowe Bergdahl Returning to Active Duty, Recovery By No Means Complete

It’s been six weeks since Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released from Taliban custody and returned to the United States. According to The New York Times, it seems that his initial rounds of therapy and counseling are complete and Bergdahl “is … Read More

Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin Wants to Make Sure You Know He Thinks Bill Clinton is a Rapist

It’s only been a week after disgraced former Representative from Missouri and failed Senate candidate rescinded his apology regarding his infamous “legitimate rape” comments in his new book. Predictably, this caused a minor uproar, but because Akin isn’t a famous … Read More

Don’t Bother With Medical Help! Pat Robertson ‘Diagnoses’ Sick Kid as Demon Possessed

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson’s advice just gets weirder. In March he declared that the devil uses abortion and gay rights to steal good Christian babies. Then, last month, he told an unsuspecting viewer to sell her newly purchased home because it … Read More

Is ‘Bundy Buddy’ Ted Cruz Really Trying to Sell Off the Nation’s Parks to the Highest Bidder?

Ted Cruz has taken Cliven Bundy’s anti-federal lands fight to the U.S. Senate. A new amendment to the Sportman’s Act of 2014 proposed by the Texas Tea Party favorite would require the federal government to auction off publicly owned land … Read More