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Daily Archives: July 17, 2014

Florida Plans on Chopping Down an Endangered Forest to Build a Walmart

A Florida developer is planning to chop down an endangered forest to build a Walmart and other big box stores. The 88 acre plot of Pine Rocklands– one of less than 3,000 acres remaining outside of Everglades National Park – … Read More

Republican Candidate: ‘Knocked Up’ Women Don’t Deserve Wedding, Should ‘Get Married Quietly’

A Republican candidate running for a Minnesota House of Representatives seat has drawn the scorn of women’s groups after posting controversial statements on her website. Sheila Kihne, who is running in a primary race against Rep. Jennifer Loon, used to … Read More

Florida Pastor Who Founded Homeless Shelter for Women Sexually Assaulted 3 of Them: Police

A Florida pastor has been arrested after three women at his homeless shelter accused him of sexually assaulting them. Police arrested 44-year-old Pedro Custodio, known as “Pastor Pete,” after three women at his Our Father’s House of Refuge shelter for … Read More

Chicago Man Charged With Hate Crime After He Slapped, Spit on 79-Year-Old Black Judge, Called Her ‘Rosa Parks’

A Chicago man has been arrested after he assaulted a prominent elderly African-American judge for smoking near him outside of Daley Center on Monday. Police say 55-year-old David Nicosia got angry when 79-year-old Judge Arnette Hubbard walked past him smoking … Read More

House of Representatives Make It Easier for Banks to Handle Legal Pot Money

With the legal marijuana business in full-swing in two states, Washington and Colorado, the business has been better than anyone thought. In fact, according to a report by Marijuana Business Daily, legal pot sales – both recreational and medicinal-only – … Read More

California Death Penalty Struck Down as Unconstitutional

There has been a big victory for those opposed to the death penalty, although not because of any high moral argument or the staggering amount of death penalty cases that have been overturned by DNA evidence. It’s because California just … Read More

Sugar-Coated Hate? KKK Hands Out Candy to Recruit Families and Kids to the Cause

The Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina is enticing kids and young families to join the racist group by giving them bags of candy. Stuck to the bags of sugary treats that residents of an Oconee County subdivision found on … Read More

Judge to Sovereign Citizen: ‘The Law Does Not Work That Way’

Jack McCarthy hosts the conservative radio show  ‘Aroostook Watchmen’ and once called for the hanging of the Maine’s Democratic lawmakers for treason. He is also a self-described ‘sovereign citizen’ who claims he is not bound by such things as drivers’ licenses … Read More