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Daily Archives: July 18, 2014

Obama’s Bungling Caused the Malaysia Airlines Plane to Crash? Some Republicans Seem to Think So

Yesterday, conservatives got all in a tizzy after they figured out that on the day of the Malaysia Airline crash President Barack Obama – who had already been advised of the situation and talked with security advisers and Vladimir Putin … Read More

Whiny Murder Suspect Clogs Up Courts With Complaint Against Jail for Small Towels and Bad Food

A 21-year-old murder suspect has apparently confused his cell for a hotel room. Finding his stay inadequate in the county jail, he has filed a complaint about his accommodations, ranging from the diversity of the dinner menu to the skimpy … Read More

Man Shot in the Back While Being Served Warrant, May Never Walk Again Over Unpaid Parking Tickets

Two Pennsylvania state constables shot a man in the back after he tried to drive away while they attempted to serve him multiple warrants for unpaid parking tickets. On Thursday, two constables arrived at the home of 38-year-old Kevin McCullers … Read More

Jon Stewart Rips GOP Impeachment Threats: ‘All This Talk of Tyranny is Bullsh*t’

On Thursday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart took aim at Republicans calling for President Obama’s impeachment, mocking them for calling Obama a “tyrant.” Stewart said the Republicans talk tough about Obama but never follow up with any impeachment proposals because … Read More

‘I Can’t Breathe!’: NYPD Cops Kill ‘Gentle Giant’ Father-of-6 Over Untaxed Cigarettes (That He Didn’t Actually Have)

A Staten Island man died on Thursday after an NYPD officer put him in a chokehold and another officer appeared to slam his head on the sidewalk in the video of the fatal cigarette bust. “I can’t breathe! I can’t … Read More

Florida Man Learns the Hard Way His Constitutional Rights Don’t Give Him Permission to Threaten To Shoot Public Officials

A Florida man knew better than to use foul language when addressing a meeting of the Miami-Dade County Commission this week. That did not stop him from getting in big trouble though, when he threatened to use deadly force against the … Read More

No Burger Eating During a Crisis: Conservatives Attack Obama for Having Lunch on Day of Malaysia Airline Crash

Conservatives have their knickers in a knot all because President Barack Obama chose to continue on with a planned stop at a BBQ place for lunch in Delaware yesterday, despite the fact news had already broke that the Malaysia Airlines … Read More

Fifty-Seven Percent of Americans Believe Religion Holds the Answers to “Today’s Problems”

The world we live in today has been shaped by the scientific advancements of our past. We no longer live in fear of smallpox or polio or German measles (rubella). We carry in our pockets a device that can access … Read More

Florida Defendent Refuses to Accept Counsel from ‘Negro’ Public Defender

A Florida defendant did not exactly make a good impression with the courts on Thursday when he decided to attack the man appointed to help him with his legal defense because he was black. Thomas Thorpe, who is facing charges … Read More

President Obama Gave GOP Ammunition When He Said They’ve Blocked “All” Middle Class Help

In his weekly address, President Obama derided Republicans in the House of Representatives for blocking “every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.” While it has been well-documented that the 113th Congress is the most unproductive in U.S. history, is … Read More