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Daily Archives: July 24, 2014

Kingdom of Fear: Getting it Wrong

Given the attitudes of many (both on the right and left) towards marijuana legalization, the politics of fear sometimes employed are not always devious or malignant, but simply ignorance made manifest. As a clearer picture of the reality of the … Read More

Kingdom of Fear: Everybody Must Get Stoned

While much of the fear-based rhetoric in our political conversation is deliberately meant to keep voters scared in order to turn them out at the polls, there are certain issues where it is more genuine. In certain cases, the politician … Read More

Tea Party Rally Goes Nuts After Rep Urges Compassion For Illegal Immigrant Children

A Tea Party town hall on immigration erupted in Texas after a state lawmaker urged attendants to be compassionate towards the children crossing the border from Mexico into the US. Speaking about his recent tour of the border, Republican State … Read More

Columnist: Democrats Planning ‘Atrocities’ Against Jews

Right-wing website BarbWire has published a new piece by conservative activist Evan Sayet in which he suggests Democrats like President Obama promote “Jew-hatred.” “American Jews overwhelmingly tend to vote Democrat for one simple reason,” Sayet wrote. “They see the choice … Read More

Radio Host: Transgender FBI Agents Will Come After You Thanks to Obama’s ENDA Executive Order

American Family Association government affairs director and radio host Sandy Rios told her listeners that Obama’s recent executive order to protect LGBT employees from discrimination by federal contractors will lead to male FBI agents in dresses coming after anti-gay Christians. … Read More

Erik Rush Blames Obama for Shooting Down Malaysian Flight 17

Right-wing nutter and chronic Obama-blamer Erik Rush is at it again. This time around he has concocted a convoluted conspiracy theory that blames the Obama White House for the shooting of the downed Malaysian flight that cost nearly 300 souls … Read More

Gohmert’s Solution for the Israeli-Hamas Conflict: ‘Let’s Bomb Iran!’

Rep. Louis Gohmert offered a novel solution to quieting the current fighting between Israel and Hamas – he thinks that U.S. forces should bomb Iran. Standing on the House floor, the Texas GOPer made it clear, that unlike those in the … Read More

2 Hours to Die? Another Botched Execution in Arizona Raises Questions About Lethal Injection

One hour after Arizona inmate Joseph Rudolph Wood III was injected with the killing drugs yesterday, he was still alive and breathing in the execution chamber, prompting his lawyers to file an appeal to halt the execution. In the end, … Read More