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Daily Archives: July 26, 2014

‘I’m the Opposite of Racist’: Woman Caught on Tape Calling Neighborhood Kids ‘N*gg*rs’ Says She is the Real Victim

A former Florida school bus driver’s racist tirades were so horrible that a neighbor decided to put it all on tape. Pamela Michener, 52, is known around her Sarasota neighborhood as ‘the school bus driver.’ So when her foul-mouth tirades … Read More

Detroit Shuts off Water to Residents While State Government Disputes Its Own $5 Million Water Bill

In late June, activists concerned about the mass shut offs of water service to Detroit’s poorest residents reached out to the United Nations. A statement from the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said, “According to international human … Read More

Ted Nugent: ‘People Who Hate Ted Nugent Hate America and Hate Freedom’

After a number of Native American tribes cancelled Ted Nugent’s concerts, the aging rocker appeared on The Lars Larson Show to whine that he is being persecuted by the left for loving America too much. “I call them unclean varmints,” … Read More

Rafael Cruz Fearmongering: Liberals are Trying to Do Away With the Bill of Rights, Obama Wants to Steal Your Guns

The outspoken Bible-thumping father of Senator Ted Cruz is at it again, once again preaching to the conservative choir that the freedom and liberties of patriotic Americans are about to be wiped out by the leftist cause. Speaking to Faith … Read More