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Daily Archives: July 28, 2014

Oops! Turns Out Michele Bachmann Did Not Advocate ‘Americanization Facilities’ for Immigrant Kids

Michele Bachmann’s rants are so ridiculous it is often hard to tell fact from fiction. So when a rumor spread through the internet that Michele Bachmann was planning internment camps for immigrant kids, people bought it. The trouble is, unlike … Read More

Scary or Just Sick Hate? Site Hails ‘Global Wave of Anti-Jewish Protests’, Claims There Will Soon Be No Safe Place for Jews

A hate site is declaring a ‘global wave of anti-Jewish’ protests are behind a rash of swastikas found on Jewish buildings in Miami and Rome. Daily Slave – which gets its cues from uber-extremist Stormfront –  a White Nationalist site … Read More

Todd Akin: September 11 Attacks Proved Liberals Wrong About Everything

In an interview with WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, former Congressman and failed Senate candidate Todd Akin asserted that the September 11, 2001 attacks shocked liberals into “silence.” “We almost live in a culture where people want to believe something, even … Read More

Columnist: Obama Bringing ISIS Terrorists Into America

In a new piece published by conservative opinion site BarbWire, conservative columnist Sher Zieve calls President Obama a Satan follower and says he’s bringing thousands of ISIS and MS-13 gang members into the United States. “As I’ve written repeatedly, the … Read More

Sarah Palin Launches TV Channel More Expensive Than Netflix to ‘Cut Through Media’s Politically Correct Filter’

Sarah Palin has announced that she will launch her own online news channel, aptly called the Sarah Palin Channel. In a Facebook post on Sunday, Palin announced that she is launching an interactive, online, alternative news network. “This is a … Read More

Are Racist Internet Trolls Simply Expressing Their Freedom of Speech?

Inevitably, any post remotely related to race, sexual orientation, religion or even rhesus monkeys, turns into a launching board for someone’s racist and mean-spirited rant. Yet, would these armchair haters be so bold if they actually had to say such … Read More

The Trenches at Home: House, Senate Agree to Deal on VA Reform

While the House Veterans Affairs Committee waits to pass a bill aimed at preventing suicide,  the top concern of Veterans according to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s 2014 member survey. However, it does seem that the Congress is able … Read More

The Trenches at Home: An Epidemic of Veteran Suicide

In November of 2009, I was one of the member spokespeople for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America’s new social network Community of Veterans. It is a place online for prior service members to congregate online privately. I was … Read More