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Daily Archives: July 29, 2014

Even Meghan McCain Won’t Be Tuning Into the Sarah Palin Channel

Sarah Palin has been hawking a new subscription-based TV show that she promises will offer an uncensored look at the ‘truth’, free from liberal media bias and all that darn political correctness you see a ‘lamestream’ outlets. “This is a … Read More

The Trenches at Home: Alameda Police Cite Homeless Veteran, Regret Not Offering Help

Veteran homeless is a problem across the nation, but we’ll focus our attention on the City of Alameda in California. While Alameda itself doesn’t have much of a problem with homelessness it is very close to the cities of Oakland … Read More

NYC Pastor Posts Message Outside Church: Churches That Support ‘Homos’ Will be Cursed, Itch and Go to Hell

A New York City pastor known for his vicious anti-Obama, anti-LGBT rants has unleashed yet another vile sign on the streets of Harlem. James David Manning, an infamous birther who has called Obama a ‘fake President’ and proposed a convoluted … Read More

Pregnant Woman ‘Accidentally Killed by Friend’ Who Shot Her in the Head While ‘Showing Off Gun Collection’

A five-months-pregnant Florida woman and her unborn child died after she was accidentally shot in the head by a friend who was showing her his gun collection. On Sunday, 25-year-old Katherine Lynn Hoover passed away after she was shot in … Read More

Introducing ReaganBook, The ‘Facebook For Patriots’ and Its 36 Members

Last week, the Ohio Liberty Coalition held a “Reload 4 Liberty” event at which Janet Porter discussed her anti-choice “Heartbeat Bill” that she is trying to push. RightWingWatch reports that she is now also working on a website called ReaganBook … Read More

The Trenches at Home: The Secretary is Resigned, Long Live the Secretary

Shortly before 3 p.m. Eastern today the Senate began a vote to confirm the new secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. His unanimous confirmation* was all but assured after the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs sent his nomination to … Read More

NYPD Cop Caught Putting 7-Months-Pregnant Woman in Chokehold For ‘Illegal Grilling’

After the New York Police Department came under fire for using an illegal chokehold on a man suspected of selling illegal cigarettes and killing him, another officer was caught putting a 7-months-pregnant woman in the same chokehold on Saturday over … Read More