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Daily Archives: August 3, 2014

‘My Parents Open Carry’: Gun Activists Just Published a Children’s Book

The founders of Open Carry Michigan were concerned kids might not feel comfortable with their parents carrying around weapons when they went grocery shopping. So they created a book just for them. ‘My Parents Open Carry‘ was written by authors Brian … Read More

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Breaks Protocol, Confronts Republican on House Floor

The stewardship of Democrats in the House by Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California has certainly had high moments and low moments. Her high moments are redwood-tall: highest-ranking elected female government official, ever; the first woman to serve as House Minority … Read More

Rep. Steve King to Obama: Don’t Make Me Impeach You Over Immigration

House Republicans have made Iowa Congressman Steve King the point man on their immigration proposal and the power seems to have gone to his head. On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, the staunch conservative lawmaker warned President Obama: Don’t … Read More