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Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

Is the NRA Really Advocating Open Carry for Blind Gun Users?

In fairness, the NRA puts a huge disclaimer on the video that announces that the views of the NRA commentators are their own and may not officially represent the gun organization. Yet, even that does not stop this NRA video … Read More

A Responsible Gun Owner? Phoenix Man Says Pointing a Gun at People at Airport was Just a Political Statement

On July 25, Peter Nathan Steinmetz, 54, freaked out passengers and security alike when he wandered around the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport terminal with an AR-15 rifle. Stopping to by a cup of coffee and stopping in front of passenger … Read More

The Death Rattle of Print Journalism: Gannett Dumping Its Newspapers, Its Name

Even before the internet, newspapers across the country were struggling. There is an argument to be made that the market was a bit oversaturated; many cities had a pair of morning papers, an afternoon paper, and one or two evening … Read More

Steve King Confronted by Undocumented Immigrants, Rand Paul Makes Like the Roadrunner…

While there are many problems with the Congress, one of the largest is that our representatives simply don’t listen especially when it involves a contentious issue. While at an Iowa fundraiser, Republicans Rep. Steve King of Iowa and Sen. Rand … Read More

‘Screw That Guy!’: Jon Stewart Slams GOP For Caving to Ted Cruz on Immigration

On Monday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed Republicans for letting Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz persuade the party not to address the influx of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border by hosting a pizza and beer party for his … Read More

Ted Nugent: ‘My Lifestyle Is More In The Indian Tradition Than Many of the Indians Themselves’

Aging rocker Ted Nugent has been on a tear since several Native American reservations cancelled his concerts over his “racist views,” and took to the Glenn Beck show to claim that he is more “Indian” than “Indians themselves.” “I mean, … Read More

VIDEO: Rand Paul Literally Runs Away as Immigrant Activist Confronts Tea Party Pols

When an immigration rights activist confronted Iowa Congressman Steve King at a local diner, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made a swift exit, wanting nothing to do with the DREAMer. In the video, DREAM Action Coalition co-director Erika Andiola introduces herself … Read More

Mississippi Congressman Sends Bible to Every Member of Congress to Help With Lawmaker’s Decision Making

A Mississippi Congressman has pitched in to held stop the gridlock in Washington. In order to help members of Congress out, he has sent each of them a copy of the Christian Bible to help in ‘decision-making.’ Rep. Steve Palazzo, … Read More

Sarah Palin Using New TV Channel to Pick Fight with Former Pro Wrestler and Governor Jesse Ventura

Sarah Palin wasted no time on her new self-named internet channel before deciding to pick a fight with one of the biggest past Governors around – former pro wrestler and one-time Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. Angry that Ventura continued to … Read More