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Daily Archives: August 7, 2014

Religion Made Him Do It: Michigan Man Unleashes Anti-LGBT Rant in Restaurant Parking Lot (VIDEO)

A Michigan man was hopping mad when he left a Delta Township restaurant earlier this week and noticed a group of people he thought were gay. According to Isiah Tweedie, one of the targets of the attack, the man – later … Read More

Michele Bachmann: Impeachment is So Last Month, Turns Out It is Obama Was Behind the Whole Plot

Michele Bachmann seems a bit confused these days. Apparently she thinks that it is actually President Obama who is “egging” on those Republican members of Congress calling for his impeachment because, according to Bachmann at least,  it is allowing him … Read More

News Site: ‘Obama Turned 53 – Or Did He?’

WorldNetDaily prides itself a news site, though some would consider it a hate site, and this week they “reported” that President Obama’s probably lying about how old he turned because his birth certificate, as we all know, is fake… In … Read More

Kansas Republican: ‘Offending Muslims’ is a ‘Duty,’ ‘Especially With a .45’

Raw Story reports that the Kansas Republican Party is “distancing” itself from Kansas 3rd Congressional District Committee Vice Chairman Gavin Ellzey after he tweeted that “civilized” people have a “duty” to “offend Muslims.” Ellzey reportedly tweeted, “Offending Muslims is the … Read More

Christian Radio Host: Ebola Could Cleanse US of Sluts, Atheists, Gays

Christian radio host Rick Wiles told his audience to look on the bright side of a potential Ebola outbreak in the United States – it could cleanse the country of atheists, gays, and other things Rick Wiles doesn’t like. “This … Read More

The Trenches at Home: Touring Washington D.C. with a Vet Court Graduate

I sat quietly during the opening ceremony of the first annual Veterans Court Conference. When it was over, I sprang into action. I wanted to grab all of the speakers for at least a comment or two for this eventual … Read More

The Trenches at Home: How Veteran Treatment Courts Saved This Marine

At the first annual Veterans Court Conference, only one person who had been through the court addressed the audience of hundreds gathered for the revolutionary conference. Marine Corporal Eric Gonzalez told his story and stood as an example of how … Read More

Fischer’s Logic: It is Okay For Me to Call a Black Man Racist, But Calling White People Racists Makes You a Liar

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer topped himself yesterday on his radio show when in the course a few mere minutes or so he called Eric Holder a racist and then declared when the same language was used against whites it … Read More