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Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

Conservative Author: Obama is a Pathological Liar, The Tea Party is the Real ‘Centrist’ Hero

Conservative author David Horowitz has some serious issues with the Obama administration. In fact, he thinks that the Commander-in-Chief is so negligent in his duties that his ‘swiss cheese’ border policies will ultimately kill ‘real’ Americans. In a recent interview, … Read More

The Problem with Gun Control and Race: Single-Mother Faces Jail Time for Legal Gun

It is rare to find a black, single-mother who is the face of a conservative cause, but such is the case of Shaneen Allen. In October of 2013, she was stopped by police in New Jersey and arrested for possessing … Read More

Market May Have Overreacted to Walgreens’ Economic Patriotism

It is a common point made in political campaigns, that businesses are sending jobs overseas. What’s even more common, rarely mentioned in politics but a ubiquitous business reality, is for prominent American companies to move their headquarters overseas to lighten … Read More

‘That’s F***ed Up’: Jon Stewart Slams VA Gov, Wife For Telling Ann Romney Their Weight Supplement Can Cure Her MS

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, are currently in the middle of a corruption trial but perhaps the most damning evidence has nothing to do with the money-for-influence scheme they got caught in. Not only were they … Read More

Alan Keyes: Obama is Waging a ‘War on Whites’

In a new column for ultra-right-wing “news” site (and sometimes hate site) WorldNetDaily, Alan Keyes claims that President Obama is waging a “war on whites” as well as every other American. In his piece, titled, ‘Obama’s War on Whites … … Read More

Ted Nugent Mocks Native American ‘Unclean Dipsh*t Protestors,’ Says It’s ‘Bullsh*t’ That ‘Whites Stole Their Land’

Ever since several Native American tribes cancelled his concerts citing “racist views,” aging rocker Ted Nugent just hasn’t been able to shut up about it. Earlier this summer, Nugent slammed the protests over his concerts saying, “I take it as … Read More

GOP Fundraiser Puts KKK on Agenda

Oklahoma Democrats are crying foul after catching wind of a local GOP fundraiser that planned s discussion about the Ku Klux Klan. Topped with a culturally insensitive picture of a dancing bean wearing a sombrero, the Garvin County’s GOP’s Bean … Read More

How SNL Hilariously Predicted the Sarah Palin Channel Way Back in 2009

For those willing to plunk down $9.95 a month, there is never a reason to run out of Sarah Palin. The Sarah Palin Channel is off to a somewhat predictable all-about-Sarah start helping to make sure the attention-seeking GOPer is … Read More