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Daily Archives: August 12, 2014

Pat Robertson’s Anti-Obama Fearmongering Strikes Again: ‘Are We Going to Have a Revolution?

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson is on an anti-Obama roll this week. On Monday, retired General Paul Vallely appeared on the evangelical show to convince viewers that Obama was leading the country on a suicide mission and warned that if Obama … Read More

Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because of His Sick, Leftist Mind

The death of Robin Williams has brought out an overwhelming flood of support from fans nationwide. It has also led to some pretty insensitive remarks from the right. One GOP official, Chris Fields from Minnesota, callously turned one Democrat’s twitter … Read More

Hillary Clinton is the Republicans’ Dream Candidate for 2016

When Hillary Clinton – who neither holds nor has stated her intention to seek public office – called the President’s Syrian plan a “failure,” her supporters’ response was mixed. Some justified it by citing the political realities, President Obama is … Read More

Death of Robin Williams Shines Largest Spotlight Yet on the Depression Epidemic

Surely, in the outpouring of sadness, affection, and disbelief surrounding the death of Robin Williams it’s possible that you’ve seen the below video being shared, probably by a veteran or military friend of yours. The video shows Williams at a … Read More

Fox News Host Calls Robin Williams a ‘Coward’ After His Apparent Suicide

The death of Robin Williams on Monday shocked a nation who had delighted in his comedy performances for years. Just hours after his death was announced, like many networks, Fox News ran a touching tribute to the star to express … Read More

Take Glenn Greenwald’s Quiz: Who Said It – Israel Hawk Hillary Clinton or Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu?

Hillary Clinton has always been vocal about her unabashed support of Israel but lately she’s sounded a lot like Israel’s own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With that in mind, The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has created a quiz to see if … Read More

Steubenville Rapist Back Playing High School Football

One of the students convicted in the high-profile rape of a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville is back with the school’s football team just months after being released from a juvenile detention center. Ma’Lik Richmond, 18, was found delinquent of raping … Read More

‘What Is Wrong With You?’: GOP Official’s Campaign Tweets Using Robin Williams Death Sparks Outrage

Many took the time to mourn the passing of Robin Williams on Monday. Minnesota Republican Party Deputy Chair Chris Fields took a different direction, tying Williams’ death into his get-out-the-vote tweets and slamming those that thought he was callous for … Read More