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Daily Archives: August 15, 2014

Right-Wing Fearmongering: If You Don’t Vote GOP, Obama Will Become Dictator and ISIS Will Impose Sharia Law on US!

Rev. Austin Miles is a right-winger who claims to have ‘broken’ hard-hitting stories about how Islam will soon be required in U.S. public schools and has lost blogging rights with the Christian Post and the Examiner. He also just called on his … Read More

Not Just Ferguson: Father of Five Dies After Multiple Tasings by Police

As the country’s attention has been focused on a small town in Missouri, on the West Coast a 36 year-old father of five died in police custody. Dante Parker was detained by police, according to NBC4 News, “when he was shocked … Read More

The Soft Bigotry of Oversensitivity

During the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, an unarmed black male shot to death by police, those of us without the editorial budgets to travel to Ferguson watched it all unfold on social … Read More

Should a 16-Year-Old’s Organ Donation Be Rejected Because He is Gay?

In July 2013, 16-year-old  Iowa teen Alexander Betts attempted suicide after being bullied at school for being gay. Hoping to turn her heartbreak into helping others, his mom Sheryl Moore decided to do what she knew her son wanted. So … Read More

Pat Robertson Warns ‘Pot Gummy Bears’ are Destroying Kids’ Lives

Believe it or not, there was a time when Pat Robertson was pretty cool about marijuana. Apparently, those times have changed. In 2012, Pat Robertson told the New York Times that he was fine with people smoking pot and compared … Read More

Lewis Black Slams Rush Limbaugh: ‘F*** You’ For Making Light of Robin Williams’ Death

Comedian and Daily Show contributor Lewis Black took to Facebook to slam radio host Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about Robin Williams’ death. “F*CK YOU Rush Limbaugh,” Black wrote. “Your statements were beyond cruel and stupid. They were intolerable. Enough … Read More

NBA Star Calls Al Sharpton a ‘Coon’ For Going to Ferguson

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is not a fan of Al Sharpton injecting himself into the Ferguson conflict over the highly questionable shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Earlier this week, Arenas took to Instagram to call Sharpton a “coon” … Read More

VIDEO: Man Apologizes, Driver Unloads Viciously Racist Rant: ‘N*gger-Loving Atheist Bitch,’ ‘F*cking Muslim’

A man recorded the hateful rant of a woman who he had approached to apologize for causing a minor traffic accident. The man was recording the incident while going to the woman’s car to see if she was okay. She … Read More

Rep. Steve King Says Racial Profiling Doesn’t Apply in Ferguson Because Everyone is Black

An Iowa Republican proved just how out of touch he was this week when he told a Newsmax TV host that, at least according to him, there is no need to investigate racial profiling in Ferguson. After all, as far … Read More