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Daily Archives: August 20, 2014

Missouri Official Blames His GOP Ties for His Racist Posts, Then Takes It Back

A local Missouri official is in hot water after it was revealed that he posted racist anti-Obama messages on his social media accounts. On Monday night, Reverend Tommy Robinson called city councilman Peter Tinsley to task for his offensive posts during … Read More

Huh? Pat Robertson Calls for Revolution Against Obama Because a Nurse Asked Too Many Questions

Pat Robertson is full of medical advice these days. Just yesterday, he advised a woman that if her healing prayers for her husband are not working, she might want to consider that the chronically ill man just likes being sick. … Read More

Michelle Duggar Just Warned that Transgender People are Endangering Women and Girls

Reality star and mega-mom Michelle Duggar has joined her oldest son, Josh, in his fight against gay rights. Digging in to oppose an ordinance that would prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Fayetteville, Arkansas, … Read More

CNN Host: National Guard Said ‘These N*****s, You Never Know What They’re Going To Do’

CNN host Don Lemon says that one of his producers reported that a member of the National Guard in Ferguson told them to get out because they’re white and they don’t know what “these n*****s” are going to do. After … Read More

‘Chi O Got NO N*ggas!!!’: Alabama Sorority Under Fire For Racist Post

New members of the University of Alabama’s Chi Omega sorority celebrated their adoption into the group by posting a Snap Chat with the caption “Chi O got NO n*ggas!!!! [Emoji Red Heart, Emoji Yellow Heat, Emoji of a Girl Crossing … Read More

Georgia Man Threatens Black Kids at Bus Stop Over Noise: ‘This Bullet Has Your Name on It’

A Georgia man has been arrested after he threatened children at a bus stop with a gun. According to WTOC, middle and high school students in Chatham County told police that a man confronted them at a bus stop because … Read More

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Compares Ferguson Protesters to Lynch Mob

Howard Kurtz is a journalist who used to work for The Washington Post and CNN, hosting the show Reliable Sources, which critiques media coverage to help separate sensationalism from journalism. However, he recently joined Fox News to host a show … Read More

Conservative “Journalist” Calls James Foley a Coward for What ISIS Made Him Say Before They Killed Him

In a video released by terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a bald man they claim was missing journalist James Wright Foley knelt in the sand somewhere in the desert. A man dressed in black from head … Read More