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Daily Archives: August 21, 2014

Right-Wing Links Michael Brown Killing to Immigration Laws, PCP, and Political Correctness

The far-right has repeatedly bashed the liberal media for jumping to conclusions on the Michael Brown case. Yet, that has not stopped them from coming up with some interesting theories of their own about the unarmed Ferguson teen shot by … Read More

Conservative Conspiracy Theory: Obama is Bringing Back Racism to Hide His Plot to Destroy America

According to conservative pundit Wayne Allyn Root, racism was so over in America – that is, until Obama got elected. Joining Steve Deace yesterday for his radio broadcast, Root told the audience that the President “didn’t come in to help us … Read More

Klan Bigwig: ‘The KKK is NOT Patrolling Ferguson, It Was All a Scam’

Alleged South Carolina Imperial Wizard Charles Murray caused internet fury after announcing that his South Carolina faction of the Ku Klux Klan was planning to guard white businesses in Ferguson. Yet, despite announcing that he and other Klansman were on … Read More

Mitt Romney: Obama ‘Even Worse Than I Expected’

Mitt Romney traveled to West Virginia this week to lend his support to some Republican Congressional candidates and the event predictably turned into an Obama hatefest. While outside of the event, union activists slammed Romney for being a “fat cat” … Read More

Fox News Commentator: Obama Not Really a Christian, ‘Orchestrated’ Ferguson Incident to ‘Play Politics’

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes has been making the rounds off the network this week and can’t stop accusing President Obama of something nefarious at every stop. In an interview with “news”/occasional hate site WorldNetDaily, Starnes accused the president of … Read More

Columnist: ‘Time For Blacks to Be Treated as the KKK Have Been’

Mychal Massie has written a new column for “news”/occasional hate-site WorldNetDaily, writing that “it is time for blacks to be treated as the KKK have been.” “These blacks,” Massie wrote, speaking about the protesters in Ferguson, “those like them and … Read More

Romney and Clinton: The Dull Nature of Political Inevitability

Despite the fact that very crucial elections are happening across the country, it seems as if the political press and politicians themselves can’t stop talking about 2016. It’s not hard to figure out why so many people treat the midterms … Read More

Okay, Enough Complaining About Presidential Vacations Already…

The world always appears to be in turmoil, but one could make a hell of case that it really is these last few weeks. Indeterminate war rages across the Middle East from Iraq to Israel, a small town in suburban … Read More