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Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

What? Iowa GOPer Claims Migrant Kids are Trained Terrorists Aimed at Destroying America

An Iowa GOPer gave a novel reason to why ‘real’ Americans should fear the influx of migrant kids. As it turns out, the South American kids might well have been trained by Hamas or Hezbollah to be skilled warriors intent … Read More

Pro-Darren Wilson Fundraiser Nets Nearly $230,000, Second Solidarity Rally Planned for This Weekend

There has been little word from Charles Murray, the so-called Imperial Wizard of the New Empire Knights, who claims that the Ku Klux Klan is planning a mega-fundraiser in Sullivan, MO this weekend. Yet, despite the fact that the great … Read More

MN GOPers Boot Own Bible-Waving Candidate From State Fair After Learning of Her Criminal Charges

Minnesota Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald was the darling of the state’s GOP convention when she waved a Bible high and declared she planned to rule using ‘God’s law.’ Now, it seems, times have changed. Shortly after being announced as … Read More

Florida Man Claims ‘Self-Defense’ After Shooting Co-Worker 10 Times With Shotgun

A Florida man isn’t denying that he shot his co-worker 10 times with a shotgun – but he claims he only did it in self-defense. Manuel Acosta, a 69-year-old Miami metal worker is currently on trial for shooting 50-year-old Jose … Read More

Actor Kevin Sorbo’s Shocking Racist Rant: Ferguson an ‘Excuse’ For Black People to Act as ‘Animals They Truly Are’

Actor Kevin Sorbo has been more vocal about his conservative views of late and took to Facebook to slam African-American protesters in Ferguson for proving to be “animals.” “Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the … Read More

‘I Will F***ing Kill You’: Ferguson Cop Points Rifle at Peaceful Protester, Gets Suspended

A Missouri police officer has been suspended after he was recorded on a cell phone camera pointing an assault rifle at a peaceful protester and threatening to shoot. The officer, brought in to “keep the peace” in Ferguson, was caught … Read More

Am I Being Detained: Open Carry Arrests and Interaction with Cops

Since we’ve examined the inherent argument between open carry activists and those that are unsettled by them, let’s look at how they play out in real-life interactions. As with anything involving the police sometimes it goes well, but often it … Read More

Am I Being Detained: The Debate Surrounding Open Carry Activists

It’s a bright afternoon in America and you are somewhere out in public. As you go about your business, shopping or merely enjoying the day, you happen to see someone with a rifle slung across their back. He or she … Read More