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Daily Archives: August 23, 2014

Out of Control! Three St. Louis Cops Suspended for Racists Rants and Threats Against Ferguson Protesters

The St. Louis police have a problem. Despite trying to claim that they are not racist or out of control, their own officers are proving them wrong. Just last week, three officers working the streets of Ferguson were suspended for … Read More

Columnist: ‘Obama is an Anti-American Radical,’ ‘Muslim,’ ‘Disgraceful’

Frontpage editor and columnist David Horowitz appeared on the American Family Association’s ‘Today Issues’ to allege that President Obama hates America and is probably a Muslim. Even though Obama-ordered air strikes have been taking out ISIS targets all over Iraq, … Read More

Am I Being Detained: What About Black Open Carriers?

In our look at the Open Carry movement, we’ve examined the core of the debate and how many of the activists fail in practice, especially if their aim is to educate and inform the public. However, what is good about … Read More