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Daily Archives: August 24, 2014

Rick Joyner is Hawking Cancer-Stopping Water Filters To Help Christians Stay Healthy During Upcoming Pandemic

On Thursday’s ‘Prophetic Prospective on Current Events,’ Rick Joyner warned that a global pandemic would soon cause massive devastation across the world. To prepare for the impending deadly diseases sweeping the world, the evangelist told his faithful followers to stock … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Taylor Swift’s New Video Called Racist, Cultural Appropriation

Taylor Swift has joined the ranks of musicians like Iggy Azalea or Lily Allen, by being accused of “cultural appropriation” for her latest video “Shake It Off.” In the video Swift performs her song accompanied by various groups of dancers. … Read More

Ted Nugent: Liberals Responsible for ‘Encouraging Young Black Guys to Become Thugs’

Aging rocker Ted Nugent has written a new column for “news”/occasional hate-site WorldNetDaily, claiming that it’s the liberals that are responsible for Michael Brown’s death. Nugent says President Obama is “fanning the embers of racism” to fuel racial hostility which … Read More