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Daily Archives: August 26, 2014

Republican Candidate: ‘Openly Homosexual’ Democrats Will ‘Join ISIS, Behead Christians’

A Republican candidate running for a seat on the Colorado legislature is campaigning on the threat that Democrats like openly gay Congressman Jared Polis are soon going to “join ISIS in beheading Christians.” Over the weekend, Republican nominee Gordon Klingenschmitt … Read More

Cops Allegedly Shot Handcuffed Black Man, Claimed He Shot Himself

The father of a young black man claims that Louisiana State Police fatally shot his son while he was handcuffed but the police claim the handcuffed young man shot himself. On March 3, Louisiana State Police released a statement saying … Read More

Arkansas Top Cop Resigns After Calling Reporter a Smelly, Left-Wing Liberal

An Arkansas police chief has voluntarily resigned after he called a local reporter a smelly, left-wing liberal on Facebook. John Yates, the chief of the Jonesboro, Arkansas  force owned up to his name-calling and said that his words were inappropriate, … Read More

Texas School Administrators are Encouraging Teachers to Carry Guns to Protect Kids

A Texas school district is encouraging their teachers to bring guns to school this year. The Argyle Independent Schools voted back in January to allow school marshalls – teachers and staff – carry guns during the school day. According to … Read More

Breitbart.com Alleges Australia “Criminally” Doctored Data to Show Warming Trend

Climate change denial is becoming more and more difficult as scientific evidence mounts and public opinion agrees, however that does not mean that they have given up the fight. In a report from Breitbart.com (the London edition, apparently), they claim … Read More

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly Debate Whether or Not “White Privilege” is Real

We’ve discussed the concept of White Privilege before and it’s truly a complex issue. The idea is best applied when examining society-at-large, and can get trickier when the focus is narrowed to the individual. For example, those arguing against the … Read More

Right-Winger Says God Told Him Isla Vista, California is Evil and That’s Why Elliot Rodger Killed

Stuart Goldman knows what it is like to experience pure evil. He once smoked pot in Isla Vista, California, which led him down the ‘slippery slope’ to LSD and cults. “It was while living in Isla Vista that I joined … Read More