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Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

Chris Christie Calls Same-Day Voter Registration a ‘Democratic Trick’

During a campaign stop in Illinois this week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie declared the same-day voter registration laws were nothing more than a Democratic ‘trick’ to sway elections. In the state to support GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner bid … Read More

End Times Broadcaster Ending Show Because America is Doomed, Echoes Deeper Conservative Rhetorical Trend

Given the sheer volume of media out in the world, people have very short attention spans when it comes to political news. This is not to suggest that we’re becoming dumber (although, maybe we are?) but that there simply isn’t … Read More

‘I’ll Put a Round In Your Ass’: Florida Cop Caught Threatening to Shoot During Traffic Stop Over Being Recorded

A Florida cop was recorded threatening to shoot a group of black men that he had pulled over because he was being recorded – and now his chief is defending him. The video was recorded by the backseat passenger on … Read More

Columnist: Obama Policies Directly Led to Rise of ISIS, ‘Was it His Intent?’

Joseph Farah, the editor of right-wing “news” site/occasional hate site WorldNetDaily has penned a new column patting himself on the back for “being right” about his past prediction that Obama would “empower the ISIS.” “Two years ago, I pointed out … Read More

NRA on 9-Year-Old’s Fatal Uzi Accident: Kids Should ‘Have Fun at the Shooting Range’

After a 9-year-old girl accidently killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi at a gun range, the National Rifle Association posted the most tone-deaf tweet they could think of, listing all the ways kids can “have fun at the shooting … Read More

Ted Nugent Offers Up “Rules” for Dealing With Law Enforcement (Basically, “Just Submit”)

Why the artist behind “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango*” has become a political commentator from whom we are supposed to take advice about politics both national and local. In a lengthy post on the conservative-dream toilet World Net Daily, … Read More

FL Pastor: If Atheists Read the Constitution They Would Know Prayer in School is Okay

A Florida chaplain says that atheists are trying to turn him into a secular ‘life coach’ all because he cannot pray with the team before public high school football matches. The trouble started after the Orange County schools got a … Read More

Pat Robertson’s ‘Advice’: Your Kid is Gay Because He Was Raised By a Single Mom

Pat Robertson has a terrible track record with the LGBT community. So it comes as no shock that he still does not approve of what he sees as an abomination and a sinful practice. His advice to the stepmom concerned about … Read More

Radio Host: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was ‘Possessed By Demons’

Radio host and American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer once again discussed the tragic death of Robin Williams, saying that the actor died because he was “possessed by demons.” RightWingWatch reports that Fischer claimed that Robin Williams “gave himself over … Read More