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Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

The GOP Offers an Alternative to Obamacare in Florida, 30 People Sign-Up

The Republican-led Florida government thought they could do better than Obamacare. So instead of expanding Medicaid, they decided to do their own thing. It did not turn out as well as they planned. After allocating $900,000 to their own website … Read More

Bad News Summer: President Says Media Makes It Seem Like World is “Falling Apart”

There are two old myths, one not much older than the other. There is the myth of Cassandra, who was given the gift of prophecy but also the curse of never being believed. There is also the myth of Chicken … Read More

Radio Host: Women Can Avoid Getting Raped by Focusing on Marriage Instead of Career

Eagle Forum founder and radio host Phyllis Schlafly tackled sexual assault in her radio address this week, saying that women can avoid rape and violence if they just got married rather than focusing on a career. “Marriage settles men down,” … Read More

Republican Furious With Obama’s Tan Suit, Turns Out He Has One of His Own

This week, twitter exploded when President Obama attended a press conference wearing a lightweight and apparently cringe-worthy summer suit. Ryan Teague Beckwith, a DC journalist, quickly tweeted, “YES WE TAN” when he saw Obama’s light attire. Kevin Connoley quipped about … Read More