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Daily Archives: August 31, 2014

End Times Preacher: The Atheists Will Destroy the U.S. Economy After the Rapture (And That’s Why America is Not in the Bible)

Last week, End Times prophet Ed Hindson offered some financial advice for the not-quite saved. According to his predictions, the aftermath of the Rapture will decimate the U.S. economy and destroy the government, meaning those unsure of their salvation might … Read More

Radical Imam Makes Media Rounds, Blaming America for ISIS Atrocities

A Muslim cleric from London named Anjam Choudary has been making the rounds on cable news, seemingly only because he has the gall to not openly condemn the more violent acts of terror groups like ISIS. He was, according to … Read More

Radio Host: Women ‘Brainwashed’ by Women’s Studies Classes, Ignore That Men Are The Ones ‘Being Degraded’

Sandy Rios talked to Accuracy in Academia’s Malcolm Kline on her American Family Association radio show this week to discuss the “brainwashing” of young women in women’s studies programs at universities. “I was at an event recently talking to a … Read More