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Daily Archives: September 1, 2014

GOP Group Protests Labor Day By Not Giving Themselves the Day Off

A conservative group decided to forgo picnics and a day with the family this Monday, all to protest Labor Day. The Olympia, Washington group, The Freedom Foundation, staged a ‘work-in’ today to prove that union labor does not deserve celebrating. … Read More

The Klan is Recruiting With Candy Again, Are They Just Desperate?

The Ku Klux Klan is trying to recruit new members with candy yet again. Many are not taking the hate groups latest efforts all that seriously though. Carlos Enrique Londoño recently found a flier on his front lawn of his Long Island … Read More

Crowd Shouts ‘Run, Ted, Run’ As Cruz Promises the GOP Will Repeal Obamacare, Kick Out Illegals

Ted Cruz remained coy when asked by the press about his plans to run for the 2016 GOP nod. That did not stop the audience of conservative insiders from shouting ‘Run, Ted, Run’ at a party get-together sponsored by the … Read More

First Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam’s Future After He Is Cut By The St. Louis Rams

Michael Sam would have become the first openly gay active NFL player had he made the St. Louis Rams’ roster but his journey took a detour on Saturday when the team cut the lineman to get their roster down to … Read More

Ted Cruz: ‘Kitty Cat’ Obama Should Be More Like ‘Russian Bear’ Putin

While the right continues to deride President Obama for acting unilaterally and without congressional authority, they also continue to fetishize the idea of what it would be like if iron-fisted Russian President Vladimir Putin ran the country. Speaking at conservative … Read More

Columnist: War on Black Men is ‘Inside the Black Woman’s Womb,’ ‘Black Homes’

WorldNetDaily columnist Jesse Lee Peterson has penned a new piece claiming there is in fact a war on black men as those on the left allege – but it’s being wages by black mothers and inside “black homes.” “In the … Read More

Republican “Feminist” Says Modern Feminism Taking Women Back to “Caveman Caves”

To some people, there is a murky gray area between positive female sexual expression and female sexual exploitation, especially in art. Pop starlets like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are either taking ownership of their art as expressions of themselves … Read More

Shouting Match Breaks Out on CNN over “Pull Your Pants Up Challenge”

After the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, America’s attention is on the nation-wide problem of racial disparity in arrests and police action like never before. Concurrently with the days and nights of protest, on social media the ALS ice-bucket challenge has … Read More