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Daily Archives: September 2, 2014

National Impeach Obama Week Draws Few Protesters

Last week, a handful of Americans celebrated National Impeach Obama Week with rallies, protests, and overpass signs. The scattering of events intended to highlight a growing movement to call for Obama’s ouster that was started, in part, by Sarah Palin. … Read More

Messianic Rabbi Says All Financial Crises Are Judgment From God for Working During “Sabbath Year”

The 2008 financial crisis made more Americans than ever aware of the dirty (but still sometimes legal) dealings of Wall Street and the flawed nature of the boom-and-bust economy so favored by Alan Greenspan and those of his and subsequent … Read More

Should Hackers, Viewers of Leaked Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Pictures on 4Chan Be Charged With Sexual Assault?

A large amount of personal, intimate photos of celebrities were leaked online, including a number of pictures of Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress and the photo collection of Jason Verlander of the Detriot Tigers which featured supermodel Kate … Read More

Laura Ingraham: Obama Believes Americans Are The ‘True Enemy,’ Not ISIS

Laura Ingraham warned listeners on her Courtside Entertainment Group radio show that Obama believes they, not ISIS, are the “true enemy.” “The enemies are, well, a lot of you listening right now,” Ingraham said. “Those are the true enemies of … Read More

Fox News: ‘Intolerant’ Feminists Aren’t Being ‘What God Designed Them to Be’

Web hosts and authors of the new book ‘What Women Really Want,’ Morgan Brittany, Ann Marie-Murell, and Gina Loudon appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to slam the feminist movement for making women “intolerant.” “They claim they’re feminists, but … Read More

Columnist: ‘The Michael Brown Cult’ is Just ‘Mindless Hysteria,’ ‘Very Short on Facts’

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah has penned a new column called ‘The Michael Brown Cult,’ claiming that many on the left have blindly jumped on the Michael Brown shooting to make the unarmed teen a “martyr.” “The Bible talks about times … Read More

Eric Cantor is Going from Congress to Posh Wall Street Gig Advising Big Business

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suffered a shocking upset earlier this year, losing his primary bid to a little-known Tea Party candidate David Brat. Now, it seems Cantor will not be unemployed long. He is taking the lessons learned … Read More