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Daily Archives: September 4, 2014

No Rep. Scalise, Obama Is Not Trying to Change the Name of the Redskins Instead of Dealing With ISIS

The GOP has made it clear that they do not approve of Obama’s handling of ISIS. One Congressman, though, took his criticism of the commander-in-chief to an inane level this week when he declared that Obama was spending his time … Read More

Prosperity Scammer Pat Robertson Tells Elderly Couple to Keep Tithing Even if You’re Broke

For years, televangelist Pat Robertson has preached that tithing at least 10 percent is a path to financial prosperity and a debt-free life. In fact, according to one of his teaching sheets, even those unable to pay their own bills … Read More

Columnist: ‘Devil Worshipper’ Obama Will Turn US Into ‘Marxist-Islamic North American’ Empire

BarbWire is a right-wing commentary site for pundits too crazy for fellow ultra-right-wing hatefest WorldNetDaily. One such pundit is Sher Zieve who has recently warned that Obama will kill 25 million Americans to give their homes to illegals and that … Read More

Michael Savage: Obama is ‘Geared Up to Fight a War Against White People,’ Most Racist President Ever

Radio host Michael Savage took to the airwaves to warn that President Obama is hoping to “mow down” “white crackers” and “stimulate insurrection in this country in order to declare martial law.” Savage, promoting his new book, Stop the Coming … Read More

Columnist: Obama Has ‘No Past Girlfriends,’ Is Probably Gay, Needs to be Removed From Office Immediately

“Reverend” Austin Miles has penned a new column for Renew America (because he can’t write for The Christian Post anymore, because he’s a lying liar), alleging that Obama didn’t have any girlfriends before Michelle, is probably gay, and should be … Read More

Climate Denier: Voting Democratic is Nearly Treason and Will Destroy America!

Lord Christopher Monckton does not believe in climate change. The Brit does, however, think America is headed towards a catastrophic, world-altering event if we do not change our ways. “The coming midterm elections – just weeks away – may yet … Read More

The Blaze Reports That NY Police Will Confiscate Guns Without Talking to Police

While Glenn Beck has had a “change of heart” regarding his much-maligned but also much-watched television show on Fox News, he still is trying to run a conservative news organization and that means feeding the beast every now and then. … Read More

New York “Shut Up Law” Tries to Curb Political Spending, Infringes Free Speech

The problem of political money influencing elections has always been a tricky one, but many Americans of all ideological backgrounds realize something must be done. However, since the Supreme Court ruled the money equals speech, any effort to curtail political … Read More

Michele Bachmann’s Anti-ISIS Plan: Just Defeat Them and Do It Right Away

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) certainly isn’t over-thinking the threat of ISIS. Instead, she has a simple solution that she is sure will work. Appearing on Glenn Beck’s show this week, she told the conservative host that the 12,000 strong ISIS … Read More