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Daily Archives: September 8, 2014

Kevin Sorbo to Jews: ‘News Bulletin-You Did Kill Jesus!’

Actor Kevin Sorbo has been openly critically of Hollywood’s ‘godless liberal atmosphere’ before. Appearing on Fox News in May, Sorbo talked about Tinseltown’s anti-Christian bias and how it makes it harder to come out of the ‘Christian closet’ when you … Read More

Panera Bread to Become Latest Gun-Free Zone

Panera Bread has decided to ban the open carrying of weapons in its cafes. The move comes after a growing number of restaurants and retailers – including Target, Starbucks and Chipotle – have decided to implement their own policies to … Read More

The Religious Right Just Couldn’t Resist Pointing Out Joan Rivers is Going to Hell

On Sunday, celebrities, family, and friends gathered at a New York City synagogue to say goodbye to comedienne Joan Rivers. Not everyone, though, was sorry to see the comedy queen go. The infamous Westboro haters announced that they planned to … Read More

Megachurch Closing Branches After Founder Caught Calling Women ‘Penis Homes’

Washington-based megachurch Mars Hill will close several of its branches and has fired a pastor who called for the resignation of founder Mark Driscoll following the discovery of a number of Driscoll’s offensive remarks. Pastor Mark Dunford says that he … Read More

Cop Suspended After Writing That Ferguson Officer ‘Did Society a Favor’ By Killing Michael Brown

An Illinois police officer has been suspended after writing that the Ferguson cop who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown last month “did society a favor.” Jason Lentz, a 17-year veteran of the Elgin Police Department is being investigated after fellow … Read More

VIDEO: NYPD Officers Take Turns Beating Man After Search Turns Up Nothing

A Bronx man is accusing multiple NYPD officers of beating him after an unprovoked search turned up nothing and there is video to fully support his claim. The video shows two female officers approach and search 23-year-old Santiago Hernandez and … Read More

President Obama’s Strategy for Taking On ISIS Could Take Years to Complete

President Obama plans to address the nation on Wednesday to outline the administration’s plan to deal with the threat of ISIS. However, the country was offered a preview of this strategy on the first edition of Meet The Press hosted … Read More

Fox Host Says “Assault Weapon” Is a “Made-Up” Term, And He’s Right

Tucker Carlson, right-wing pundit and bow-tie wearer, has had a checkered career as a media pundit. Perhaps most famously, he was part of the two-hack team with Paul Begala on CNN’s Crossfire when Jon Stewart came on and told them … Read More