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Daily Archives: September 10, 2014

In Obama’s Address to the Nation, A Call Not to Confuse Muslims With Terrorists

Tonight, President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the eve of 9/11 and laid out a four-pronged strategy to work with other nations and defeat ISIL. Here are some highlights from his plan to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist … Read More

Sound the Alarms! A Conservative Had to Watch Two Women Kiss

A conservative radio host Steve Deace got more than he bargained for on his American Airlines flight today. He had to watch two women kiss. Never mind that the President is speaking tonight and there are huge problems in the … Read More

Westboro Haters Out-Trolled Today in New York City by Bigfoot, a Drag Queen, and Free Cupcakes

Today was Day 2 of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church’s ‘God Hates the Media’ Tour in New York City. While Day 1 was mostly a downer, with few counter-protesters to add interest, today the rainbow flags and fun came out, … Read More

Sen. Ted Cruz And The ACLU Both Agree That New Campaign Finance Amendment Is Bad

Senator Ted Cruz took the Senate Floor yesterday to fight for Saturday Night Live and its ability to lampoon politicians, including his example Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin. The issue at the core of the debate was not comedy, … Read More

Fox News Pundit: Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to ‘Man-Dog’ Marriage

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes appeared on Daystar show Joni last month to claim that the gay marriage movement in the US will create an “anything goes” society in which people will be able to marry dogs. While discussing Christian … Read More

‘He Has Paid The Price’: NFL Commissioner Hints at Ray Rice Return Just Days After Violent Video Released

In an interview with CBS News, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggests that disgraced former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice could be back sooner than later. Speaking with CBS host Norah O’Donnell, Goodell reportedly said that he would not rule … Read More

GOP Senator: ‘I Would Prefer More Educated Voters’ Over Influx of ‘African-Americans’

A Republican Georgia state senator raised some eyebrows when he took to Facebook to complain about early voting being implemented in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. “I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters,” … Read More

Texas Sign Asks: Does Obama’s Family Have to Be Beheaded For Change to Happen?

Texas’ Tactical Firearms has displayed a number of controversial and political thoughts on their marquee before, but this week’s message is definitely pushing the boundaries. Referencing the recent beheading of two American journalists by ISIS militants, the sign asks, “Does … Read More

Right Wing Rant: Obama Wants ISIS to Attack US So He Can Impose Dictatorship

Americans for Legal Immigration’s William Gheen accused President Obama of encouraging ISIS to attack the United States so that he can impose a dictatorship in an interview with ultra-right-wing-semi-hate-site WorldNetDaily. “If you look at history, the unfortunate result of terrorist … Read More