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Daily Archives: September 12, 2014

Cliven Bundy Has Hit the Campaign Trail to Talk Revolution, Stump for the Tea Party

Cliven Bundy has traded the cattle trail for the campaign trail, at least for a while. The controversial rancher has hit the road to support some Tea Party candidates. Making a stop at the Bonanza Casino in Reno, Bundy threw his support … Read More

Michele Bachmann Calls Obama ‘Theologian-in-Chief’ for Thinking ISIS Is Not Islamic

When President Obama remarked during his Sept. 10 address that ISIL (aka ISIS) is not an Islamic organization but a group of terrorist thugs, the right-wing was sure to react. On cue, the far right followed through, acting shocked the … Read More

Pastor of Black Church Sent to Jail Because His Church Praises God Way Too Loud

While it sounds like far-right scaremongering, this time it is real. A South Carolina pastor has been sentenced to two weeks behind bars because he and his parishioners were simply praising God (really loud). It all started back in 2012, … Read More

Republican Candidate: ‘Women Want Equality,’ Ray Rice Just Gave ‘Some Of It’ to His Wife

A Republican candidate for Sheriff in Baltimore County raised some eyebrows with his take on the Ray Rice case. David Anthony Wiggins, running for county sheriff on an “anti-police brutality platform,” took offense to an article posted by Alana Davenport … Read More

Ben Carson: People ‘Demonizing’ Ray Rice, Domestic Violence ‘Not Widespread’

Speaking with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended Ray Rice and claimed that domestic violence is “not widespread” despite recent studies showing that 52 percent of American women report physical violence in their lifetime. … Read More

Sarah Palin: ‘I Owe America a Global Apology Because John McCain Should Be Our President’

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity, Sarah Palin issued a ‘global apology’ to America because her 2008 running mate, John McCain, “should be our president.” Speaking with Sean Hannity about President Obama vowing to turn ISIS into a “manageable threat,” Palin … Read More

New York Times Demands President Obama Get Congressional Authorization for ISIS Strikes

President Obama’s plan to “degrade and destroy” ISIS has garnered some criticism from the editorial board of The New York Times. They cite a speech given by President Obama at the National Defense University in May of 2013, saying that … Read More

Arnold Schwartzenegger Blotted Out Maria Shriver in His Official Governor’s Portrait

This week, at the California state Capitol, former Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger unveiled his official portrait. If you look closely enough, though, it looks a bit like he may have spilled a bit on his suit in the pic. That smudge … Read More