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Daily Archives: September 17, 2014

Is ISIS Recruiting Americans With WhatsApp and Twitter?

ISIS is using social media savvy recruiters across the world to encourage young adults to join their mission. Mubin Shaikh, who formerly recruited for the Taliban and now works for the Canadian government, told the International Business Times that ISIS’s … Read More

Ted Cruz Calls Obama’s Reaction to ‘Fundamentally Unserious’, Says ISIS is Crucifying Christians

Senator Ted Cruz is worried that the Obama administration is being ‘fundamentally unserious’ about ISIS, putting American lives at risk. According to Cruz, Obama and his administration want to turn the Army into social workers and expand their handout politics … Read More

Newest Conservative Scandal: Miss America’s Real Talent is ‘Killing Babies’

If it wasn’t bad enough for the conservative set, the new Miss America comes from the mecca of godless, liberal world – New York – for the third time in a row. Now it turns out Kira Kazantsev also has a … Read More

Right Winger Uses Science He Doesn’t Understand to ‘Disprove’ Evolution

Rick Joyner, the host of the promisingly-titled “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” show, explained to his followers that the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which he clearly goes on to prove he doesn’t understand, disproves the entire theory of evolution, which … Read More

Republican Senator: Muslims Are a ‘Cancer In Our Nation That Needs Cutting Out’

Oklahoma State Senator John Bennett (guess which party) has come under fire for telling Americans to be “wary” of Muslims because they might “decapitate you.” As any conservative catering to a nationalist white constituency would, he refused to apologize for … Read More

Fox News: Real ‘Poor’ People Don’t Have Computers, Air Conditioning

If you can read this, Fox News believes there’s no way you’re “really poor.” On Tuesday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, the panel asserted that the government counts too many families as “poor” in their “war on poverty” reports … Read More

Conservative Radio Host Warns of Rise of ‘Mother-Daughter’ Couples Based on Internet Hoax

There has been any number of warnings about what the rise of LGBTQ rights will bring to America: men and women marrying animals, the cessation of human reproduction, and, now, a “scourge” of mother-daughter couples. At least this is according … Read More

Families of James Foley, Steven Sotloff Say They Were ‘Bullied’ by Obama Administration

If one wonders how effective terrorism is, one need only look at the fallout from the brutal killings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff by ISIL. This particular kind of terrorism has the dual effect of enraging Americans … Read More