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Daily Archives: September 20, 2014

Oops! Another GOPer Gets Caught Copying Campaign Promises from Another Candidate

Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby just published her own economic plan. The trouble is, it looks like she copied off of someone else’s homework. Buzzfeed noticed the language used on Wehby’s statement sounded awfully similar to various other sources, … Read More

Remembering The Greatest Generation: Bill Overstreet

In the moment, war is exhilarating if only because brushes with death remind us how tenuously alive we are. Battlefield casualties and wanton destruction are the real-world results of most armed conflict, although through the veil of history we tend … Read More

Firefighter Who Attacked Postal Worker, Yelled ‘You’re Nothing But a F*cking N*gger’ is CLEARED of Hate Crime Charges

Earlier this week we reported on a New York firefighter facing hate crime charges for attacking a postal worker and yelling racial epithets at him. Now, a judge has cleared the firefighter of all hate crime charges, claiming that there … Read More

Alan Keyes Encouraging Violence if Obama is Not Ousted

It is no secret Alan Keyes thinks Obama is a tyrant who is intent on waging war with ISIS so he can somehow become a dictator here in the States. Yet today, Keyes upped the ante on his rhetoric considerably … Read More