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Daily Archives: September 22, 2014

Rick Perry Uses Joan Rivers’ Death to Advance His Anti-Abortion Cause

In the days following Joan Rivers’ death, the Religious Right just could not help but use the star’s death to plug their own political agenda. Now it seems Texas governor Rick Perry has picked up on the macabre trend and … Read More

Should Viewing The Leaked Nude Celebrity Pictures Be Illegal?

It fappened again. Another wave of celebrity nude photos hit the internet almost a month after a huge leak dubbed “The Fappening.*” After about a month of silence the photos began to trickle out on the same sites again. anonIB … Read More

400,000 People Marched in New York City for Climate Action, Major News Networks Ignore It

The interfaith contingent, estimated at 10,000 strong, literally gathered outside of CNN’s New York City headquarters on Sunday. Yet, CNN did not cover the largest climate march in history during their Sunday news shows. Like other major broadcasters, despite the … Read More

Rush Limbaugh’s Black Sidekick Snerdley Misses ‘The Good Old Days’ of Segregation

James Golden, who is better known as Rush Limbaugh’s producer and sidekick Bo Snerdley, spoke with The Daily Caller this week to lament how the quality of life for African-Americans has apparently been suffering since the country ended segregation. Speaking … Read More

VIDEO – ‘F*ck It, I Quit’: Alaska TV Reporter Quits on Air to Become Pot Activist

A television news reporter in Alaska announced that she is quitting her job to focus on running her medical marijuana business – all on the air. On Sunday, KTVA reporter Charlo Greene reported on the Alaska Cannabis Club before announcing … Read More

Mob That Viciously Beat Gay Couple in Philadelphia, Yelled Epithets Won’t Be Charged With Hate Crime

Last week’s mob beating of a gay couple in Philadelphia made headline news after Twitter sleuths were able to track down the suspects and have them arrested. Now, however, the District Attorney’s Office has announced that the suspects will not … Read More