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Daily Archives: September 23, 2014

#HeForShe Sparks Twitter War, Why Is This Issue So Divisive?

Emma Watson stunned the world this weekend with her speech to the United Nations about gender inequality across the globe. Taken at face value, Watson’s point is both sound and inspiring. The idea that men and women can work together … Read More

President Obama at UN Climate Summit: ‘We Big Nations Have a Responsibility to Lead’

Today, President Barack stepped up the microphone at the United Nations Climate Summit and called for the big nations of the world to understand their role as carbon-polluters. Currently, the United States ranks second in the world, behind only China, … Read More

Oklahoma Cops Are Raping Women in Traffic Stops, Captain Says If You Don’t Want to Get Raped Then ‘Follow The Law’

In recent months, Oklahoma police officers have been accused of repeatedly raping women, typically during traffic stops. Now, Captain George Brown is suggesting that women who want to avoid being raped should “follow the law.” Recently, one Oklahoma Highway Patrol … Read More

Right Wing Rant: Military Should Overthrow Obama Like in Egypt

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch spoke with American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon this week and called on military leaders to “rise up” and overthrow President Obama like the Egyptian military did to Mohamed Morsi. Klayman said military leaders should “go … Read More

Radio Host Wants To Require All Immigrants to Convert to Christianity

Radio host Bryan Fischer took on the immigration issue on his show on Monday, calling for the United States to mandate that all immigrants convert to Christianity. You know, like the Founding Fathers intended. If we “did immigration God’s way,” … Read More

Is the UN Climate Summit Nothing More Than a Talk Fest Full of Empty Promises?

Today, leaders from around the world are gathering at the United Nations headquarters in New York City for a summit on climate change. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon seemed thrilled by the response of the world leaders to his invitation to make … Read More

US Beings to Bomb ISIS in Syria, Is This The New War?

As the U.S. begins to bomb ISIL forces in Syria, America finds itself for the third time in as many decades on the brink of a large-scale conflict in and around Iraq. However, unlike the news media drumbeat for war … Read More

Pat Robertson: Violence in the Bible is Totally Different that Violence in the Quran

It is no secret aging televangelist Pat Robertson is not a fan of Islam. Way back in 2008, he even told his listeners that Islam was not even a religion, but something much, much more sinister. “Islam is not a … Read More