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Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

Oops! Bronx News Anchor Caught On Hot Mike Spewing Vulgar Anti-Poor Rant

A news anchor from the Bronx clearly did not think he was broadcasting his vulgar anti-poor remarks live. Still, veteran newsman Matt Pieper should have known better than to drop the F-bomb when wearing a mike during his morning show or … Read More

No, Al Sharpton IS NOT Helping To Pick The Next Attorney General of the United States

After Eric Holder announced he was stepping down from his position as the U.S. Attorney General, Al Sharpton released a statement to the press saying that he and his National Action Network were “engaged in immediate conversations” with the White … Read More

Dumbest Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever? Prez Accused Of Using Ads of Long-Bearded Men to Promote Jihad

Rick Wiles is a frequent Presidential basher and End Times preacher. He also has some of the most creative anti-Obama rants around. Just recently, he has accused Obama of being both a supervillain planning to take out American schools and … Read More

Radio Host: Obama ‘Despises The Military,’ Wants to Destroy It

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins took to his Washington Watch radio show to claim that President Obama “despises” the military and wants to “dismantle” and “demoralize” it. Perkins slammed the president for sending troops to West Africa to help … Read More

‘It Was a Slaughter Fest’: Republican Senator Slammed For Live Pigeon Shoot Fundraising Event

Animal rights groups are outraged that Republican Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe took part in a live pigeon shoot at a fundraising event. Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), an animal rights group, says the senator and his son took part … Read More

On-Duty Missouri Cops Caught Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets at Ferguson Protest

Missouri Highway Patrol officials have confirmed that officers were rubber bracelets saying “I am Darren Wilson” at a protest in Ferguson on Tuesday. Captain Ron Johnson acknowledged that an Instagram post by user MediaBlackoutUSA was legit and that some officers … Read More