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Daily Archives: September 26, 2014

Military Expands Immigrant Recruitment To Include DREAMers

A new decision from the Department of Defense will allow a “small number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S.” to serve in the military, according to The Military Times. This is just another of the benefits that are being provided to … Read More

PA Senate Passes Legal Weed Bill, Shows Their Ignorance In Its Specifics

Pennsylvania could become the 24th state (well, technically it’s a Commonwealth) to allow some form of legalized Marijuana for medical patients. The bill passed 43-7 on Wednesday, “[a]fter an emotionally charged debate,” according to NBC Philadelphia. The bill comes after Pennslyvania … Read More

Top Family Research Council Official Loves Israeli Jews So Much, He is Praying They Will Convert to Christianity

Jerry Boykin just loved his recent trip to Israel and his chance to meet real-life Israeli Jews up close. In his interview on Friday with American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, he also gushed about all the “fulfilled” Jews he met with … Read More

Oops! New York Times Accidentally Tweets Obama’s Resignation

Resignation was on the minds of Washington DC yesterday, just not the resignation the New York Times announced on Twitter. As news broke that the President would be at a press conference to announce someone was calling it quits, the … Read More

Columnist: Gays and Lesbians ‘Deserve the Death Penalty’

Chris Johnson of the American Decency Association has written a new column insisting that gay and lesbian Americans have committed such an egregious crime against God that they “deserve the death penalty.” Not only that, but if you’re a gossip, … Read More

Fox News Hosts Blame Drunk Girls For Rape: ‘These Guys, What Are They Supposed to Do?’

On Thursday’s edition of Outnumbered, Fox News hosts discussed a recent Forbes article about rape at frat houses and agreed that drunk college girls needed to take “personal responsibility” to not be sexually assaulted at a frat party. Earlier this … Read More

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News: ‘F*** You and All Your False Patriotism’

On Thursday’s edition of the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart slammed Fox News’ Eric Bolling and the network’s hypocrisy in their coverage of President Obama’s “latte salute.” “F*** you and all your false patriotism,” Stewart said. “When Bush took us … Read More

UN Head Calls for World to Embrace LGBT Rights as Human Rights, But Americans Continue to Export Homophobia Abroad

At a high-level meeting attended by United States Secretary of State John Kerry today at UN Headquarters, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an end to transphobia and homophobia around the world. “I strongly support equal rights for lesbian, … Read More