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Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

Boise Creationists Have ‘Proof’ Humans Rode on Triceratops

A group of Boise creationists have already announced plans to build a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. Now they claim that their new museum, once funded, will also feature proof of the rather remarkable claim — humans rode on triceratops. … Read More

Try Again! Fox News Tries to Blame Obama for Launch of 24-Year-Old ‘Copwatch’ Group

Fox News host Steve Doocy likes to blame Barack Obama for just about everything. Earlier this week, he blamed the Obama administration about lying about ‘things’ making it impossible to trust the Center for Disease Control. Now, along with  “America’s Lawyer,” … Read More

Pat Robertson Blames ‘Loving-Up’ on Immigrant Kids for Enterovirus D68 Outbreak

While much talk in the news has been focused on the fear of an Ebola outbreak, there is another deadly illness hitting American children hard. Enterovirus D68 has caused a handful of deaths and has sickened nearly 500 kids. The … Read More

Laura Ingraham: Obama Criticizing Fox News Because ‘Liberalism is Failing’

The folks at Fox News did not take kindly to President Obama’s criticism of Fox News’ coverage of his policies and many sounded off in their respective, predictable, typical ways. Bill O’Reilly spoke with radio host Laura Ingraham and said … Read More

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Don’t Worry About Climate Change, God Has That ‘Figured Out’

Colorado’s Republican gubernatorial candidate dismissed the threat of climate change during Tuesday’s debate with incumbent John Hickenlooper, appealing to a higher power for his environmental policies. “There’s people who want to believe that we’re the problem,” said Republican candidate Bob … Read More

Three Men Arrested For Hate Crime Shooting, Shouted ‘Faggots,’ ‘Tranny’

Two men and a teenager have been arrested for an anti-LGBT shooting in Brooklyn. On Saturday, 22-year-old Cody Sigue, 21-year-old Matthew Smith, and 17-year-old Tavon Johnson were arraigned on multiple assault and hate crime charges. Johnson and Sigue are charged … Read More