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Daily Archives: October 5, 2014

America’s Religious War: Who Really Are The Enemies?

What do we know about ISIL? Simply put, the answer is not all that much. We know they are wealthy and we know that they are vicious. Yet, when it comes to things like the beheading videos, the only source … Read More

NIH Official tells Fox News: Border Kids and Terrorists Are Not Going to Cause an Ebola Pandemic

For months now, politicians and conservative pundits have been preaching that Ebola may come from infected kids crossing the U.S. border, or worse terrorists. This morning on Fox News, however, an National Institute of Health soundly put those rumors to … Read More

Birther Rant: Obama Not ‘Who He Purports to Be,’ ‘I Would Be Focusing on Who’s The Mommy’

Birthers are apparently still a thing and despite eight years of digging deep into President Obama’s history and coming up with nothing, they still strongly believe he’s not “who he purports to be.” Mike Zullo, the “lead investigator” on Sheriff … Read More