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Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

Busted: Conservative Newscast Debunks Klayman’s Birther Lies On the Air

Larry Klayman just can’t stop talking about how Obama was not born in the United States. He even has filed a petition calling for Obama to be immediately deported. When the Tea Party activist appeared on conservative NewsMax on Monday, … Read More

Get a Job and Get Off Crack! Clash Between Cardinals Fans and Ferguson Protesters Turns Racist

On Monday night, pro-Darren Wilson supporters clashed with Ferguson protesters outside Busch Stadium during the Cardinals last home game of the season. It began when Wilson supporters started cheering ‘Darren Wilson’  and ‘Let’s Go Darren’ to counter the Ferguson group … Read More

Utah Republican’s Same-Sex Union Compromise: Call It ‘Pairage,’ Not ‘Marriage’

Utah Republican lawmaker Kraig Powell doesn’t like the idea of gay people using the term “marriage” because apparently that somehow cheapens his. But he’s got a “great” compromise he’d like to float: call it “pairage.” In Utah, the state code … Read More

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks White People ‘Deserve’ Ebola for Slavery

On Monday, radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed that President Obama wants Ebola in the United States because he thinks white people “deserve” Ebola as payback for slavery. “They say it’s hard to get, Obama’s telling us that, the CDC guy … Read More

GOP Candidate: Supreme Court ‘Forcing Homosexual Marriage’ to Let Gays ‘Recruit Your Kids’

Colorado Republican state legislature candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt is unhappy about the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear any appeals of gay marriage rulings and warned his followers that judges are “forcing homosexual marriage” to “deny kids’ rights.” In an email … Read More

No Charges? Child Horrifically Injured by Police Stun Grenade, Grand Jury Refuses to Indict

On May 28, a Georgia SWAT Team burst into a Cornelia home during a middle of the night no-knock raid and threw a stun grenade. The grenade landed in the playpen of a then 19-month-old boy, whose family was staying … Read More