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Daily Archives: October 8, 2014

Pro-Life Evangelicals Urge Florida’s Governor to Embrace Climate Change as Fact

Typically, the evangelical movement has not been enthusiastic supporters of climate change measures. Now, a pro-life group in Florida is spreading the word you can be pro-life and pro-planet too. In a new radio ad, the Evangelical Environmental Network is … Read More

Oh But You Can! Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Preaches the Key to Not Getting an STD is Biblically Correct Sex

During a recent sermon, Phil Robertson preached that if you only have biblically sanctioned sex, you do not need to worry about STD’s. “Biblically correct sex is safe,” Robertson told a congregation last month. “It’s safe. You’re not going to … Read More

Mike Huckabee’s Advice to Conservative Politicians: Just Ignore Supreme Court, It’s Just Their Opinion Anyhow

Mike Huckabee thinks conservative governors should simply ignore the Supreme Court’s most recent non-decision, which paved the way for same-sex marriage in a number of states, including some conservative strongholds, and let their faith do their decision-making for them. During … Read More

Cop Who Oversaw Torture of 100+ Black Men in Chicago Jail Released After Just 4 Years

A former police commander who oversaw the torture of more than 100 African-American suspects in Chicago police custody has been released from prison after serving just 3.5 years. On Thursday, 66-year-old Jon Burge was released from a minimum-security prison in … Read More

VIDEO: Cops Smash Window, Taser Passenger Over Seat Belt Traffic Stop

An Indiana family is suing the Hammond Police Department after cops drew their weapons, broke a car window, and Tasered a passenger – all over a seat belt traffic stop. Lisa Mahone says she was pulled over on September 25 … Read More

Shock: Democrat Alison Grimes Takes Lead Over GOP Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Senate Race

A surprising new poll has found that Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes has taken a slight lead over incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. A new Courier-Journal/Survey USA poll has found that Grimes leads McConnell by a 46-44 margin … Read More

America’s Religious War: Checking the Bias

So, given Naomi Wolf’s warnings to not simply swallow the news reported from the government about ISIS, we should perhaps take a look at the bias in the various outlets reporting on ISIS. While “bias” has become synonymous with ideological … Read More