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Daily Archives: October 9, 2014

Analyst: The Bible Code and a Fly Absolutely Prove Obama is the Antichrist

Last week on TruNews, an analyst told host Rick Wiles he had undeniable proof of what the right-wing has been preaching for a long time now and it’s straight from the Bible. Jonathon Wright used the debunked Bible Code to … Read More

The End Times are Near? GOP Candidate Among Those Warning the Blood Moon is Likely a Sign of Doom and Gloom

For those at you who gazed up at the moon yesterday, you may have noticed it looked a little red. That is because a unique phenomenon was making the night sky a little more colorful – a blood moon. According to … Read More

White St. Louis Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen

Racial tensions boiled in the St. Louis area after a white off-duty police officer fired 17 shots at an African-American teen that reportedly fired on him first. Protesters took to the streets of south St. Louis after the shooting re-ignited … Read More

Gohmert Warns Obama Is Letting Ebola Into the Country Because He Can’t Stand for People to Feel ‘Left Out’

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has said some pretty ridiculous things before, especially about Obama, climate change, and America’s southern border. His most recent anti-Obama political analysis, though, may well have been penned by a kindergartener. It seems the reason Obama … Read More

Phyllis Schlafly: ‘Overweight Woman in Charge of the Secret Service’ Couldn’t ‘Protect the President’

In an interview with radio host Cindy Graves, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly discussed women in the military and the Secret Service, claiming that outgoing Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is “an overweight woman” who was “not able to protect … Read More

Black Teen in White Foster Home Attacked by Police After They Mistake Him For Burglar

A North Carolina foster family is outraged after police mistook their foster son for a burglar and pepper sprayed him in his own house. Stacy Tyler of Fuquay-Varina tells WTVD that she left her front door unlocked for her foster … Read More