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Daily Archives: October 10, 2014

Toughen Up or We are Out! Huckabee and NOM Threaten to Leave GOP if They Don’t Get More Anti-Gay

This week, Mike Huckabee threw a tantrum because the Republican Party is not anti-gay enough, especially when it comes to same-sex marriage. Declaring himself “utterly exasperated” by the parties unwilling to stand tall on their anti-gay agenda, he said that … Read More

Cardinal Fans Plan to Sport Pro-Darren Wilson T-Shirts at Playoff Games

Recently, St. Louis Cardinal fans clashed with Ferguson protesters outside the stadium and shouted their support of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown and launched the Ferguson protests. Now, just in time for the playoffs, Darren Wilson supporters … Read More

Ted Nugent Thinks Poor People Have Every Imaginable Luxury In the World, Just Like Him

Millionaire National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent thinks there is no need to worry about poor people. They live in luxury, just like him. In a recent column for WND, Nugent – saying he represented ‘we the people’ – … Read More

Allen West: Obama Waging Biological Warfare on Americans

Former Congressman Allen West spoke with right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson this week and claimed that President Obama is waging “biological warfare” on Americans. West said that if researchers figure out a connection between “dispersed illegal alien children” and … Read More

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama ‘Letting’ Ebola Come to America to Make US More Like Africa

Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly spoke to WorldNetDaily this week and claimed that President Obama is letting “diseased people” into the country to make America like Africa. “There are all kinds of diseases in the rest of the world, and … Read More

Catholic League: Mindy Project Episode Showed ‘Potentially Lethal’ Anal Sex Scene

The Catholic League is upset over the TV show ‘The Mindy Project’ because they worry the anal sex jokes featured in one of the scenes may cause someone to commit a “potentially lethal” sex act. “Two characters are shown in … Read More