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Daily Archives: October 13, 2014

Not Quite the White House: Mitt Romney Stumps for Hog Castrating Candidate in Iowa, Tells Lame Joke

Mitt Romney probably wishes he was standing at the White House podium about now. Instead, he spent this weekend in a bleak Iowa location stumping for a conservative candidate who brags about castrating hogs. He also thought it would be … Read More

Is This Offensive? Man Puts Obama Tombstone in Front Yard for Halloween

Dwayne Dockens doesn’t like Obama, especially when that “big deal” came up about Obama’s birth certificate a while back. So he added his political views to his Halloween decorations by putting Obama’s name on a tombstone in front of his … Read More

Man at Center of Latest Wendy Davis Disability Controversy Say Conservatives are the Real Jerks, Not Davis

Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis’ campaign recently ran a controversial ad that talked about her opponent’s Greg Abbott’s disability. The ad, according to the Davis camp, “focuses on the fact that Greg Abbott rightly sought justice for himself, following a … Read More

Texas Attorney General: Ban Gay Marriage or Risk ‘Survival of Human Race’

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, currently running for governor, argued that the state’s gay marriage ban is necessary for the “survival of the human race” in court. In an amicus brief filed in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Abbott … Read More

Michael Savage: President ‘Obola’ is Waging a ‘Civil War’ on America

Radio host Michael Savage appeared on The Steve Malzberg Show to plug his new book, ‘Stop the Coming Civil War,’ and warned that President “Obola” is “conducting a civil war on America’s institutions.” “The fact of the matter is, in … Read More

Hate Crime Suspect Stabbed Elderly Woman Because She Was Black: Police

Police have arrested an Illinois man and charged him with a hate crime after he reportedly stabbed an elderly African-American woman in a store. On Saturday, 26-year-old Pol Danilov was charged with attempted first-degree murder as a hate crime and … Read More