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Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

Republican Congressman: Obama Wants Ebola Outbreak So That He Can ‘Take Control of Everything’

Texas Congressman Steve Stockman appeared on Rick Wiles’ ‘Trunews’ show to claim that President Obama might be delaying government response to the supposed Ebola outbreak in America in order to declare emergency powers and take control of “everything.” Wiles asked … Read More

Columnist: Obama Put White People in ‘Back of the Bus,’ ‘Must Be Taken Alive and Deported’

Right-wing activist Larry Klayman has filed a lawsuit against President Obama for “providing material support and aid to international terrorism and facilitating terrorism” and has written a new column calling for Obama to be “taken alive” and “deported.” “Rather than … Read More

Sears, Amazon Sold Swastika Rings That ‘Make You Look Beautiful at Your Next Dinner Date’

Retail giants Amazon and Sears have pulled a series of swastika rings from their websites after major outcry from offended shoppers. The rings were sold by a third-party seller, CET Domain. One description reads, “This gothic jewelry item in particular … Read More

Televangelist Ernest Angley Accused of Forcing Women to Have Abortions So They Could Work Harder for His Church

Ernest Angley, known for his used car salesman looks and evangelical ‘Ernest Angley Hour’, has amassed a fortune with his ministry. The Ohio-based televangelist and his ministry own a television station, a resturant, a private jet and the Grace Cathedral. … Read More

Southern GOP Nominee for Senate: Welfare is Really Just a Form of Reparations for Slavery

Thom Tillis is the House Speaker of the North Carolina House of Delegates. He is also  the GOP’s pick for the U.S. Senate and seems to think public safety net programs are just another name for reparations. On his website, … Read More

GOP Congressman Angry Republicans are Too Obama Friendly, Calls for Bible-Based Revolution

North Carolina Representative Walter Jones is angry with his Republican Party. According to him, they are just not serious enough about in their opposition to Obama and his policies, especially when it comes to Ebola. During an interview on the … Read More