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Daily Archives: October 16, 2014

Columnist: ‘Diabolical’ Obama ‘Wants to Spread Ebola’ in US to ‘Declare Martial Law’

Columnist Erik Rush has penned a new piece for ultra-right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily, claiming that ‘diabolical’ President Obama wants an Ebola outbreak to “legitimize a declaration of martial law in America.” Rush writes that the recent spike in Ebola deaths … Read More

Pro-Life Group Wants to Stop Research on Ebola Vaccines Because It Morally Offends Them

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has reached devastating proportions. Thousands have already died and if something is not done, experts estimate the death toll could reach over a million by January. Still, one group claims that they want research … Read More

Nurses Speak Out: Texas Health Presbyterian Was NOT Ready for Ebola

Two nurses who treated Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital have contracted Ebola. Now a group of nurses have come forward to say that it may be due to the fact the hospital was not prepared when the nation’s … Read More

NH GOPer Called a Dem Senator Ugly, Now He’s Blaming the Liberal Media for Demonizing Him

New Hampshire State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt wants everyone to know that the media got it wrong. He is not a misogynistic pig for calling a female senator too ugly to get elected, he has simply been victimized by the liberal … Read More

Michael Savage: ‘Psychotic’ Obama Wants to ‘Kill Us All’

Radio host Michael Savage appeared on The Alex Jones Show to claim that President Obama “is going to kill all of us” but said the Ebola “outbreak” may lead to his removal from office. “He wants an insurrection,” Savage said. … Read More

SC Governor Thinks Confederate Flag at Statehouse is Fine Because Corporations Haven’t Complained

During a gubernatorial debate, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley may have wanted to think about her answer a bit more. When asked why she did not object to the Confederate flag being flown on the Statehouse property, she said she … Read More