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Daily Archives: October 18, 2014

A GOP Candidate Refuses to Debate, So Three Men Dressed as Chickens Take His Place

Colorado Democrat Irv Halter invited his GOP opponent to a debate. When the incumbent Congressman refused to attend, three chickens decided to take his place. Halter said his campaign had nothing to do with the prank. “We had nothing to … Read More

Glenn Beck on How to Stay Safe From Ebola: ‘Whatever the Government Says To Do, Don’t!’

Glenn Beck shared some Ebola safety tips on his show this week, mainly, to not do anything the government tells you to do. After accusing the Centers for Disease Control and the federal government of utter incompetence and criminal negligence, … Read More

Right Winger So Offended by Native American Proverb about Money, He Makes a Video About It

Last year, GOP talking head Bill Whittle made news by claiming in a speech that the show ‘Family Guy’ and other liberal propaganda was making Republicans lose elections through pop culture. “But if you’re a young person out there today … Read More