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Daily Archives: October 21, 2014

Louie Gohmert is Excited that Ebola is Making ‘Illegals’ Too Scared to Cross the Border

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert specializes in far-right fearmongering. Yet now, even he is seeing a silver lining when it comes to the Ebola scare.  He thinks the deadly disease will prevent ‘illegals’ from rushing across the border. Back in July, … Read More

Michael Savage: Military Veterans With PTSD Are ‘Weak,’ ‘A Bunch Of Losers’

The Republicans support the military and the Democrats don’t? Right? That’s the BS the right has been feeding us for decades. Well, here’s radio host Michael Savage to show you exactly how deep that support goes. On his radio show … Read More

Right Wing Rant: ‘Ebola Barry’ Will Kill Millions of Christians to Stay As President After 2016, Is Helping ISIS Wage Jihad

There’s conspiracy theories and then there’s the twisted world inside right wing radio host’s Rick Wiles’ head. On Monday, Wiles shared some of those views with Robert George, the founder of the National Organization for Marriage. Wiles claimed that President … Read More

SC ‘Christian’ GOP Candidate Says LGBT Activists are Gremlins Who Can’t Stand Getting in the ‘Son’s Light’

A South Carolina GOP candidate wants everyone to know that he is the Christian choice for Congress. Calling him the ‘Godly Servant to the People’, Anthony P. Culler told voters in April that he will never kow-tow to the un-godly views … Read More

Right Wing Applaud Man Who Puts Severed Obama Head in His Yard

An Idaho man really does not like Obama. In fact, he hates him so much he decided to express his disgust by putting his decapitated head on a stick in his front yard this Halloween. Richard Piersol sees absolutely nothing … Read More